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20-24 September,  2023

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Mor Gabriel  Monastery - DİYARBAKIR - City Walls - ADIYAMAN - Nemrut and more..


How about enjoying the delicious tastes of Mesopotamia, discovering its mystical atmosphere and getting to know its rooted history?

Shall we enjoy tasting delicious tastes discovering the rooted history of Mesopotamia in its mystical atmosphere. To ensure your comfort and the quality of our boutique tour, the tour will be realised via our 2020 brand wide-seated VIP Mercedes Sprinter minibus. We have chosen the hotels neatly to accommodate. Detailed description of the tour is below.


Day 1

Antalya-Gaziantep 13:10-14:25 Sun Express Flight

-Zeugma Museum

-Copper Market

-Gaziantep Castle

Gaziantep-Şanlıurfa 150 km

Overnight stay in Şanlıurfa

Tessera Hotel


Day 2


-Şanlıurfa Museum




Şanlıurfa-Mardin 340 km

Overnight stay in Mardin

Izala Boutique Hotel


Day 3

-Old Mardin

-Mardin Great Mosque

-Mor Gabriel Monastery




-Ten-Arched Bridge


Mardin-Batman-Diyarbakır 260 km

Overnight stay in Diyarbakır

New Garden Hotel


Day 4

-Historic Walls of Diyarbakır

-Four-legged Minaret

-Diyarbakır Ulu Cami

-Surp Giragos Armenian Church

-Mount Nemrut

-Arsemia Ancient City

-Cendere Bridge

-Karakuş Tumulus

Diyarbakır-Nemrut-Adıyaman 290 km

Overnight stay in Adıyaman

Park Dedeman Hotel


Day 5

Gaziantep-Antalya 15:00-16:30 Sun Express Flight

Adıyaman-Gaziantep 170 km


Detail tour programme is below…

Southeastern Anatolia Tour

September 20th-24th, 2023

Tour Price: 615 EUR

Single supplement: 125 EUR

Pre-booking Fee: 200 EUR

Price Includes:
Flight tickets

All airport transfers

Hotel accommodations 


Nemrut shuttle transfer




Ruins and Museum Entrance Fees

Lunch and Dinners

For more info and booking:

Ali Gültekin +905325907637

Yavuz Sayan +905347363429





TR84 0006 2001 2160 0006 2984 20





TR08 0006 2001 2160 0009 0816 51


Bank Address: Levent Nispetiye Mah. Beşiktaş / İstanbul / Türkiye

  • If you have been able to reach here, let's detail the tour.


Copper Market, Antep Castle, Zeugma 

"If the world was a home, the kitchen would be Gaziantep." 


Zeugma, it's an honour to have this cultural heritage which may be rich enough to be a reason itself to visit Turkey. Being one of the most important archeological discoveries, Zeugma Ancient City and the mosaics excavated will display to us the level the art had reached to that era. 


Copper Market, a place keeping a 500-year old tradition alive. You can both watch the work of the copper masters and buy their produced works while walking through the Market. We are walking together through the lanes and feel the texture of the city. Tahmis Coffee, spice shops, nuts and yemeni shops will help us forget our weariness.


Overnight stay in Şanlıurfa


DAY 2 

Balıklıgöl, which is known to be the place where Abraham the prophet fell when he was thrown into the fire, is an important visiting place with its historical works and the fish

found sacred for Islamic society. 


In the unique Haleplibahçe Mosaic Museum, we are going to see mosaics of the warrior Amazon queens whose legends have reached up to today and the ones that have existed firstly from the Aegean Region to Black Sea Region and to the Central Anatolia since 3000 years ago. 


The oldest human sculpture known is in Şanlıurfa Archeological Museum! It's possible to see the works from Göbeklitepe and the ones excavated in Şanlıurfa with a rich past. There is a lot to see and talk about here. Urfa Old Market, Balıklıgöl ( Fished-Lake), Gümrükhan, Halil-ür Rahman Mosque,Haleplibahçe Mosaic Museum, Urfa Archeological Museum and 


Göbeklitepe at Zero Point of History Şanlıurfa is the city of prophets where the mystical stories carved into the walls.Urfa Old Market, clothes shops selling colourful clothes, spice shops, restaurants of different sizes, people playing dominoes excitedly, pigeons, bargains, excitement and movement. 


Göbeklitepe, the zero point of history; and why is Göbeklitepe so important? It had the history rewritten with its 12000-year-old history. It proved that though the people who lived around 10.000 BC were still in the primitive eras, they had a much more developed living style than assumed.


Overnight stay in Mardin


DAY 3 

Old Mardin, Virgin Mary Church, Great Mosque, Mor Gabriel  Monastery Midyat, the city of love and brotherhood. In Old Mardin, when we start to explore the streets, narrow stairs lead us to narrow streets. Parallel streets connect to each other with subways called "abbara". Streets take us to the churches, mosques and downtown. In this city hosting many historic mosques and madrasas alongside churches there exists the Great Mosque (Ulu Camii), a work of Artuqids. 


Midyat, where different cultures live together in peace,  is an attraction centre surrounded with mosques, churches, inns and ancient mansions. Mor Gabriel Monastery is an old Asurion Orthodox monastery standing alive with its unmatchable architecture and rooted history.


Overnight stay in Diyarbakır



Diyarbakır Historic Walls, Ten-arched Bridge, Four-legged Minaret, Great Mosque,Sülüklü Han, Nemrut, Cendere Bridge and Karakuş Tumulus. Diyarbakır, a city sheltering different culture synthesis with a 9000-year-old history,architectural and humanistic dimensions.City Walls has been able to take place in UNESCO Heritage List; local people call it"beden (body)". Attention here! The walls are renowned for being the longest walls after The Great Wall of China. If looked in the bird's eye, it resembles a turbot. 


Ten-Arched Bridge has taken this name because it was built on ten cut arches. It splitsTigris River into two, has a width of 7-8 metres and a length of 180 metres. Four-legged Minaret is actually known as Sheikh Matar Mosque but has been renowned for its minaret built on the four stone columns. It's the only example of four-legged minaret in Anatolia. Great Mosque is accepted as the 5th Harem-i Şerif ( temple mount) of Islam world.Besides, the sun clock of well-known scientist El Cezeri, accepted as the father of cybernetics can be found in the mosque. We start to starve and we cannot delay eating ciğer ( goat liver ) in Diyarbakır. We are heading to Adıyaman after the meal. 


NEMRUT, King Antiochus 1, got his own grave and monumental sculptures on the highest mountain of his kingdom to show gratitude for his ancestors and gods. The two groups of sculptures here were placed saluting the rise and fall of the sun. On the very condition that the weather forecast lets us. Karakuş Tumulus, Cendere Bridge and Arsemia ancient city are among the places we are going to see climbing up to Nemrut Mountain.


Overnight stay in Adıyaman


Day 5

On the last day, we are travelling from Adiyaman to Gaziantep airport and we are taking our place on our plane to Antalya in the afternoon.


We have tried to detail as much as possible; each trip has its own special story. We want to enjoy all the moments of the trip everywhere we visit without haste. We aim to digest what we have seen rather than seeing everything exist there. We should taste the local dishes and get lost in the flow of back streets. We dreamed of such a trip, let's wander..



Take your museum card, seasonal clothes, polar sweats for Mount Nemrut. Don't forget

to bring your charger and any medicine if used regularly.

In-vehicle Seat Allocation Regarding Booking Order Time.




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