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Ormana Buttoned Houses and Altınbeşik Cave Trip

Traditional buttoned houses offer a feast with their building style. With its historic importance and architectural style, the renovated houses in the region, aged juniper oak trees and excellent nature awaits to be explored. We are taking steps on the streets of the villages established on the historic Silk Road during the Seljukian Era. Let's discover the stories of this village lived for ages with its harvest place used for years, historic mosque and the school left from Republic. 

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Buttoned Houses

Ormana, a masterpiece on Taurus mountains with this untouched nature and the village of people who haven’t forgotten their hometown. There exist more than 300 historic houses in Ormana Village some of which are restored, some have remained untouched and some still offer life to the peasants. As the village is in the status of cultural heritage, the restoration of the houses has been done accordingly. 

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Altınbeşik Cave

While visiting the ancient villages, we are going to witness the houses resisting the time. 

Altınbeşik Cave is an underground lake with a length of 2500 m and its stalactites and stalagmites worth seeing. Being the largest underground lake, the cave can be visited in a boat. As this time of the year, the level of water is at optimum, we can see the waterfall, stalactites and stalagmites, and the entrance to the second storey. 

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We are going to have a breakfast break at Ömer Duruk on the road. We are going to have a lunch break at Ormana Active. Ormana Active is an authentic touristic facility with boutique hotels and restaurant services by restorating the Buttoned Houses. We recommend comfort clothes and convenient shoes for small hikes in and around the village. 

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