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Mount Akdağ Hiking Trip


Waterfalls and rivers formed by the melting snow and the coming spring are worth seeing. We are going to have breaks to take photos of these natural beauties before the hike. 

What We


The hike starts at Gökbel Taşbaşı area and continues through forest paths in the direction of Mount Akdağ. Aged cedar trees on the path form splendid panoramas in the snow view. After a 3-4 km length forest path, the snowy path begins; if the weather and land conditions let us, we are going to try to move ahead with the ones who would like to continue.

Useful information

Hiking shoes, comfort and sportive clothes, raincoat, snacks, water, and tea or coffee in thermos on demand.

Bank Account


Recipient: Yesido Travel Organizasyon

IBAN: TR84 0006 2001 2160 0006 2984 20



Medium difficulty


Kindly bring spare clothes, socks and shoes if you intend to walk on the snow. 

Spectacular view

Mount and nature panorama formed by melting snow is going to make us live as if we are totally in a different place. 

Call us

For Reservation and Booking:

Ali Gültekin 05325907637

Yavuz Selim Sayan 05347363429

Nature walking relaxes the mind, allows you to make new discoveries, makes you happy and you will be more energetic in your next days.


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