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About Us

A team of innovative adventurous people who love to explore!


Starting and still keeping the amateur spirit, Yesido Travel is a travel company with 8 years of experience outdoors. We focus on travel experiences based on here and now principle arranged by our experienced and easy going team members. We aim to organize our trips and tours regarding the use of best vehicles, fines accomodation spots and for small groups between 10-12 guests. Apart from our package tours we have the opportunity to organize tailor-made tours accomplishing special requests of family & friends group as well. 

Lose yourself in winding stone streets, museums, and unique encounters to get a deep sense of where you are and the layers of history that led to the here and now. 



How many places you remember thanks to its cuisine, probably a lot. Gastronomic trips are so fashionable now that they have become a unique way of traveling.



Take a deep breathe and escape to a trail where birds senerade, fresh air rejuvenates, and blue skies mesmerise.


Have fun and enjoy nature with different kinds of activities ranging from rafting to paragliding.


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