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Black Sea & Batumi Tour
October 20th - 24th, 2023


Black Sea is a giant and splashing sea. Let’s discover the fabulous nature, plateaus, waterfalls and streams in this boutique tour. Local tastes, a rooted history and colourful culture harmony await us in this tour of ours.


  • Day 1

Antalya - Trabzon Flight
Visiting the tea gardens.
Historical bridges, getting used to the environment trips by the black sea stream.

Accommodation: Rize

  • Day 2

After breakfast in our hotel, we are starting to discover Black Sea Region.

Ayder offers us an indescribable natural beauty with roads curving between the high mountains, wooden houses nested on the hills, trees giving away all shades of green and a river streaming everlasting at the bottom of the mountains.

A unique structure raised in Fırtına Valley on the rocks in all green; Zilkale.

Palovit Waterfall offers a visual fest in a dense forest pouring down from 15 metres height in Kaçkar National Park.

Accommodation: Rize

  • Day 3

A blend of Soviet And Europe architecture and a Black Sea beauty, Batumi is fascinating with its evergreen nature on one side and the blueness of Black Sea. We can easily walk everywhere and see the highlights of Batumi as they have been accumulated in one place. Europe Square, Astronomical Clock, Alphabet Tower and artistic Ali and Nina Statue with its gripping love story are some of places to visit. Tasting Georgian foods will leave us good memories in this tour.

Accommodation: Artvin

  • Day 4

Borça and Karagöl are one of the most green areas to be seen in Türkiye. They have a wonderful flora and almost all shades of green. It’s possible to have a walk around the amazing lake with its splendid view and fresh air.
During Roman Empire era, at first Christianity was forbidden and thus the priests who were spreading Christianity, built their temples outside the cities, especially on the slopes of the mountains as they were afraid. Another reason for the monasteries to be built far away from cities is give the chance to believers to leave worldly matters behind and dedicate themselves to spirituality. We will be able to visit Sümela Monastery, the stones of which were carried from a 7-km distance to build it on a steep slope, after a long restoration time.

Accommodation: Trabzon


  • Day 5 

We are in Trabzon city centre on our last day.

Hagia Sofia Museum, “Hagia” means sacred and “Sofia” wisdom. There are many Hagia Sofias, and the most well-known one is in İstanbul, the next one is in İznik and the third is in Trabzon. Here is an Orthodox church. “Ortho” means correct and “dox” road. “Ortho dox” means someone who accepts the correct one. When Orthodox Christians enter the church, they say “ there will be doom; the good to heaven and the bad to hell”. This structure has an artistic stone work and is rich with stone ornaments and fresco. Atatürk, mansion full of memories of Atatürk, is a place worth to be visited in Trabzon with its beautiful view and a beautiful garden. There is a carpet on the ground in the room on the right, right at the entrance. This carpet was a gift from Shah of Iran to Atatürk. There is an anecdote: Atatürk sends a can of pickles to Shah as an exchange of this carpet. Shah admonishes “I have sent you a worthy Iranian carpet but you are sending me a can of pickles.” Atatürk replies “You sent me the carpet paying from the state treasure but I bought the pickles myself and sent it to you.”



Services included in the price;

  • Antalya - Trabzon - Antalya flight tickets

  • Tours in the region

  • Professional guiding service

  • 4 night hotel stay

  • Breakfasts at the hotel

  • Vehicle and guiding is included in Batumi tour

Services not included in the price:
Museums and ruins entry fees

As Black Sea region gets rain throughout all year, we highly recommend you to bring your raincoat with you. Day and night temperatures needed to be considered for clothing. For walks, comfortable trainers can be preferred.

Tour Price: 595 EUR
Single supplement at the hotels 135 EUR
For a full reservation, a prepayment of 200 EUR should be done.

You can pay by credit card or instalments.
Our tour is limited to 12 persons.

Reservation and Contact Info:
Yavuz Selim SAYAN 05347363429
Ali GÜLTEKİN 05325907637

Bank Account:
Yesido Travel Organizasyon
Garanti Bank-TL
TR84 0006 2001 2160 0006 2984 20

Address: Levent Nispetiye Mah. Beşiktaş / İstanbul / Türkiye
IBAN TR08 0006 2001 2160 0009 0816 51


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