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beysehir tour lotus garden.jpeg

Beyşehir Lake Lotus Garden Tour

Beyşehir Lake, 

Lotus Garden, 

Stork Valley,

Eşrefoğlu Mosque, 

Platon Springs,

Nature and Photography Trip

We are visiting Beyşehir with its historical, natural and geographical beauties.


Lotus Garden

Lotus Gardends on the shores of Beyşehir Lake National Park, the largest sweet water lake in Türkiye, has become popular recently. The approximate 7 km length garden amazes. Picking up lotuses is forbidden yet it is possible to draft around them in a boat and we are going to enjoy the view taking photos. 

Image by Maurice Schalker

Stork Valley

Stork Valley has been a symbol of Yeşildağ town. Heralding the coming of Spring, the storks declares that the valley is a place of tranquility. You will be enjoying the journey to the "Stork Valley" with your camera.

Platon Springs Monument separates from other Haitian Rocks with its arrangement as an open air temple and unique stone work and the embroidery in the composition; it is built combining the andesite blocks suiting to each other meticulously. It composes god and goddess figures embroidered on the rectangular rocks and a large pool built on a natural water source. 

esrefoglu mosque.jpg

Eşrefoğlu Mosque

Eşrefoğlu Mosque rises on a great many wooden pillars. The snow on the roof of the mosque in winter  has been directed to the pool in the mid to moisturise the wooden pillars against the cracks caused by the heat of the stoves for centuries. In 1965, the hole to gather the snow down was covered, thus this function was lost. Mosque is full of both stone and wooden rare work. Built in Seljukian era, the mosque was enlisted in World Heritage Temporary List in 2012 by UNESCO.

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